Feed Additive - Toxinot

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Benefits as Feed Additive

  • Binds mycotoxins, other toxins and heavy metals from the feed onto itself and they are all discarded from the animal's body with its feces, as zeolite does not remain in the animal's body.
  • Increases the flowability of the feed by acting as an anti-caking agent.
  • Improves uniform and more homogeneous dispersion of feed ration ingredients and additives within the feed formula by reducing agglomeration and caking during the mixing of the feed.
  • Removes the excess moisture from the feed thanks to its high moisture adsorption capacity.
  • Makes it easier to handle and store the feed.
  • Increases growth rate and and daily weight gain by imroving feed conversion efficiency.
  • Supports proper growth and development of bone tissue and structure.
  • (In ruminants) improves rumen microbial activity and ionic buffering in the digestive tract.
  • (In poultry) contributes to the production of harder eggs with thicker crust.
  • Boosts and strengthens the immunity system of animals against several hazardous diseases.
  • Significantly reduces the occurance of diarrhea and soft feces, and hence reduces the problems caused by abundence of wet litter and ammonia in animals' living space.
  • Clears the mucus layer in the intestines, enabling animals to assimilate and to benefit from more of the nutrients that are provided with the feed.
  • Greatly decreases the ammonia emission from animal feces by preventing the occurance of wet litter, and hence improves the air quality within the animals' living spaces.